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stopping them? >> members of congress, members from both political parties actually came to us and showed us all kinds of letters and e-mails that they've been exchanging in which they're trying to get the most basic information about what the nsa is doing and spying on american citizens and what the fisa court has been doing in terms of declaring some of this illegal, some of it legal. remember, we keep hearing that there's all kinds of robust oversight by congress and we need not worry and yet these members of congress, one who is
members of congress, one who is morgan griffith and alan grayson from florida showed us and we're publishing this morning very detailed letters trying to get this information and they're being blocked from getting it and they've said and other members have said that they are forced to learn about what the nsa is doing from what they're reading in our reporting. >> and when you say they're being blocked, how are they being blocked? people are refusing to give it to them in congress? >> correct. i think the most amazing thing, one of the most amazing things in this whole episode, martha, is that there is a 2011 opinion,
. breaking this morning, u.s. warships in position for a possible strike on syria. accused of using chemical weapons, has syria finally crossed a red line? >> it's very troublesome. >> are we on the brink of war? >>> plus in egypt, anarchy on the streets of this key u.s. ally. we're here on the ground and anchoring from the region with all the breaking details. and 50 years later, remembering a day that changed the nation. >> what was at stake that day? >> the future of america. >> was dr. king's dream fulfilled? the powerhouse roundtable weighs in on that and all the week's politics. it's all right here this sunday morning. >> from abc news, a special edition of "this week" with martha raddatz in cairo. and jonathan karl in washington. starts right now. >>> good morning, george is off today. we're reporting from a region on the brink, and all eyes are on syria, where an apparent chemical weapons attack could lead to american military action. here in cairo, we're just 100 miles from the mediterranean sea where u.s. warships are now at the ready. this morning, officials tell abc news that u.s
a name for themselves. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> good. >> thank you, martha.
of the fire fight. the roarer newspaper shared us this video using tout video sharing app. crews fought the fire using ladder crews, you can see the concerned neighbors looking on as firefighters rushed to the scene of basically every time they turned another fire was breaking out. >> travis air force base sent crews to help battle this, they do now have four units on the scene. we have a view to share with you this, is from one evacuee leaving the neighborhood here. >> many people are on the scene just saying they weren't that close, they could smell it. this is video with the smoke in the distance, fire trucks on the scene. flames shooting out from that house there. >> really just terrifying. we want to take you back from a live look. wow, what a difference just hours have made. firefighters have made progress on this now we see this plume of smoke. >> let's bring in captain bobby silva. first thanks for joining us. i know over the past couple hours a challenging afternoon. describe what you encountered when you came on the scene. >> we got on the scene there was a small roadside gras
>>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm in for ama daetz. we begin with breaking news. police are on the scene of a shooting in oakland. we learned four people have been shot. you are taking a live look now. this happened a little less than an hour ago on the 1700 block of telegraph avenue near 17th 17th street. telegraph is currently closed between 16th and 18th street as police investigate. right now we have no word on the victims' conditions or a suspect. but at you see there, a heavy police presence as investigators try to gather evidence. the yellow crime scene blocking off access there. again, this is at 17th and telegraph where four people were shot. we will have an update for you from the scene live on abc7 at 6:00, and our reporting continues right now on twitter. follow us@abc news bay area. >> now to the final moments of a lean mark building in hayward. >> it's really sad they're taking her down. >> a moment of sentiment and science. the implosion of a building at the cal state east bay campuses more than making way for something new. scientists are hoping it will h
for us. you see it all over. and here it is, in your hometown. >> reporter: state police say the shooter had an ongoing property dispute with the township. he's in police custody this morning. preeti arla, abc news, washington. >> we'll, of course, stay on top of that story and bring you any developments. >>> and another scene we've been watching overnight, a fast-moving wildfire that's threatened hundreds of homes in southern california. the fire started in cleveland national forest and grew quickly, as temperatures neared 100 degrees. residents in the town of lake elsinore were forced to leave as ash rained down on their homes and entire neighborhoods were enveloped in smoke. a dc-10 was called in to drop fire retardant. but there is good news. some residents have now been able to go back home as crews are making progress. >>> more news breaking overnight. air travelers could face delays this morning after a global ticketing system crash. the sabre system is used by hundreds of airlines at more than 100 airports around the world. among the u.s. airlines affected are jetblue, american a
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"before sunset." and then we have a cooling trend in store for us. i'll tell you more about that with our next forecast. kira. >> francis, thank you. bart's two largest unions and management return to the negotiating table today in a last minute bid to avoid a strike tomorrow morning. the two sides negotiated all day yesterday. key issues included wages, pension, worker safety and healthcare costs. both sides say they are working to avoid a strike. >>> we are not at impasse. our team is prepared to negotiate and get a contract. we are not at impasse. >> we will go as long as as we need to go if we need to if it looks like we can get something done and get an agreement. >> both sides plan to return to the bargaining table in just a few hours. bart's current contract expires at midnight tonight. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee had strong words yesterday for both sides in the negotiations. work out a deal or else. >> if they can't get it together, i think a privilege to negotiate an agreement between the two, then i think that privilege might have to be removed. and if it is, it's a sorry sta
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gomez, i want to thank ben stein, apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. thank you for joining us, "nightline" is next. ,, >>> tonight on "nightline." dream fulfilled? today as the president addresses the nation from the steps of the lincoln memorial. and two women who were here 50 years ago to share martin luther king jr.'s dream. >>> it is what is painting the town red and purple and every color of the rainbow. it is the color run, and revolutionizing the way we run and stay fit. >>> and there is something for everyone in our reunion round-up. from insync to the vma's to a father and son, we guarantee you from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >>> good evening, when martin luther king jr. stood up to address the nation on the steps of the lincoln memorial, his words did not use the phrase "i have a dream." he had used those words before, but they wanted something different. and then, mahalia jackson said "tell them about the dream." and he said the words that still resonate today. two young african american girls went to the gathering, and had a message.
disappeared behind closed doors. nick smith joins us live from berkly. nick? >> you know a possible strike is only days away. today board members met face-to-face. both sides tell meeg they hope an agreement can be reached within the next two days. >> if you want us to bargain you have to cooperate. we cannot bargain with our self autos this morning the bart board got an earful from frustrated commuters and union representatives pushing for an agreement. >> we do not want a disruption of service. and hope you do not. >> a looming deadline means bart is closer to uting brakes on service, leaving thousands without a way to get around. >> i hope they get settled soon. i'm starting a new job. i need bart badly. i work in the city. i've got to go to work. >> they issued a notice sunday at midnight. the board held a closed door session to talk about the looming crisis. the first time all board members met since june. >> the boards suggest am excited we want to get this done this weekend. >> we haven't been able to snare a group setting our experience to see if we can make this work. >> closed do
deliberating and dan noyes has been inside of the courtroom following this trial. and will join with us a live report at 5:00 and 6:00 so stay tuned for that. good afternoon. >> another breaking story. sky 7 hd shows us crews on the scene of a brush fire. >> you can see flames charred dry brush. the area known as parks6!= reserve area training area. >> it's a center forearmy reserve personnel. you can see crews do seem to have a good handle on this one. >> if you missed a lit show last night you may get another chance to see it tonight. thousands of lightning strikes made for a spectacular display. we're live with more on this rare summer show. david? >> there is no doubt there was a big show last night according to senseors you can seebi backyards even. as mentioned there is a possibility of more tonight. how did you explain what he saw last night. abc 7 news cameras captured drama of lightning bolts estimated to be 50,000 degrees hot enough to spark fires if touching the ground. certified consulting meteorologist says low pressure system moving west across the state and continued to light up
. triggering what's increasingly appearing to be an imminent u.s. response. >> as the u.s. considers its military options, with each passing day, it looks more and more like a u.s. strike against the syrian government. it's just a matter of time. abc's devin dwyer has the latest from washington. good morning, devin. >> reporter: that's right. president obama's national security team met at the white house last night to discuss syria. the president has decided to take action. the only question, now, is how. this morning, the white house has absolute certainty that syria's bashar al assad poisoned his own people. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: still, no decision on how the u.s. will respond. the white house, saying all options are on the table. the pentagon has identified potential targets for air strikes against syria. but officials say removing assad from power is not a goal. president obama has been working the phones with world leaders, while top aides are making the case to members of congress.
: this couple lives on top of the hill overlooking the bridge. >> you're used to it. woke up and thought we lived in napa or somewhere. >> it was so quiet. >> we heard a bird singing. >> reporter: that's also the sound of money not making its way into the city. >> we usually stay busy until 9:00. sometimes we have to tell people that we're closed. >> folks, sorry to have to scoot out of that story. we want to bring you live. the construction update from caltran. >> here's the construction update. construction continues on schedule. the progress has been good at the tunnel. all pave iing into and out of t mouth to connection that section of the bridge has been completed. today the work will focus inside the tunnel. and later today they'll be washing the inside of the tunnel. demolition continues to move forward as well. they're removing a 1,000 foot-long section of the original westbound approach out of the toll plaza onto the original bridge. that's causing a conflict with the bike and pedestrian path in oakland. they are scheduled to have that completed by late tonight or tomorrow morning.
to get to work are making alternative plans. >> actually, i need to use san mateo bridge. i used to use that one every day, too. >> the toll bridge oversight committee voted to make a temporary fix to the bolt problems. steel plates will be put in place to prevent movement during an earthquake. >>> and we're now 18 days until the opening of the new bay bridge. stay with abc 7 news for coverage and the big opening on september 3rd. >>> the sex offender who is a person of interest in the death of an oakland woman made a brief court appearance. amy, was this a related charge? >> reporter: that's right, kristen, but we learned today that randy was not allowed to have any contact with sandra coke. elana is being held for a parole violation and the judge decided this morning to continue to hold him in jail and decided not to set bail. today, we learned what police believe he did to violate his parole. >> well, the judge said that there were various terms and conditions of parole that he's accused of violating. and one of them was having contact with sandra coke. another was not charging his g
. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us, porn stars are in the business of selling fantasy. but reality came crashing down this week with a new hiv positive diagnosis for one of their stars. and that is leading critics to say it is time to do more for the industry. it is a health crisis with big bucks and lives at stake. the question, can a business built on appearing raw and spontaneous be regulated with a different kind of restraint? abc's david wright looked at the story in 2011 and continues with the latest. >> reporter: it is a multi-billion dollar business, some say bigger than baseball, football, and basketball combined. the question is, is it safe? >> animals have more protection in the making of films than porn performers. how many cases do there have to be before we take it seriously? >> reporter: this week, another adult film actor tested positive for the hiv virus. cameron bay tweeted she tested positive, thanks to everyone showing love, i feel stronger than ever. so far no other actor she worked with has tested positive. but the industry has temporarily halted all productio
to be safe we should all avoid making sex tapes in north korea. thank you for joining us, we'll have the latest on syria, we're always on line at, and have a great week. schedule, the paving, the grinding and the striping is moving as planned. the only thing behind schedule are the drivers who are stuck taking the long way around. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm ama dates in for dan ashley. we will have more on the bridge in a moment. first the crisis in syria where it is 9:00 a.m. on saturday. abc news is reporting there could be u.s. military action there as soon as this weekend. the president and his staff is meeting today and deciding how to respond to the masacre that leaves 1400 people with chemical weapons and with four u.s. navy ships off the syrian coast, the white house is leaving little doubt that the united states would respond with force. >> from the white house, president obama is weighing the options in response to a chemical weapons attack he said syria's government carried outlast week. the president is speaking with his national security te
. >> reporter: she said she used some b.a.r.t. alternatives during the last strike. >> i have tried the bus. i have done the muni and the ferry. >> reporter: this evening, we had hoped for an update from some of the unions before 11:00. i have been exchanging messages with one of the spokesperson s from that union. she tells me she is not sure when she will give us further information because everyone is still at the negotiating table. of course we will monitor this throughout this newscast and we should have an update if anything changes. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee has some strong words for both sides in the b.a.r.t. negotiations, work out a deal or else. >> if they can't get it together on i think a privilege to negotiation agreements between the two, then i think that privilege might have to be removed. if it is, it's a sorry state. it's a failure. >> reporter: lee says if b.a.r.t. workers resume their strike, he will consider asking the governor to step in. he called the last b.a.r.t. strike a hardship on commuters. the vast majority of people are cringing
tomorrow, and do it. so far among 36,000 firefighters here there have been two minor injuries. the u.s. forest service is investigating how it started more than a week ago. >> john, thank you. a community memorial planned to mourn the loss of a vacation spot use bid families for almost a century. the fire turned the 91-year-old camp no a pile of ashes and rubble. the video shows what the camp looked like just days ago and what it looks like now. most camp buildings have been leveled. the camp was evacuated on tuesday. the staff able to save documents. >> we weren't able to safe everything but were able to get a lot out. >> there is so many memories to share here, you can e mail them to us at you report at a candle light vigil plan forward 8:00 tonight at berkeley civic center park. also today officials close that had city family camp for the rest of the season because of the fire threat. >> a nearly 150,000 acres the rim fire now ranks 13th biggest in state history and doesn't have to go far to move up that list. so far, it's cost $20 million to fight and taking a bite out
is the sheer force of one of those blows that will today change the game? >>> countdown to a possible u.s. military strike on syria. president obama is making his case to congress, and we look at the family secrets of the syrian leader. >>> sleeping pills, a wakeup call for americans. a new truth about how many of us are using them and what they do to your body. >>> and behind the headlines tonight, the wife of george zimmerman speaking out, what she says happened the night before trayvon martin was shot. >>> good evening and tonight america's biggest game is generating the biggest headline, a massive settlement between the national football league and thousands of former players. some of them the best players in the game who say they're now living with devastation from all those concussions in the sport they loved. these are the numbers tonight. the nfl promising $765 million in more than 4,500 lawsuits from retired players. is this enough money and is money alone enough? dan harris right here and he's been covering the story all day. >> reporter: this is a story that has provoked so man
. >>> made in america, david muir takes us to meet the workers who just created the first smart phone made here at home. their new ideas and their promise that america is back. >> made in america! >>> good evening. today we all stopped to watch an incredible human drama in a cleveland courtroom. a tiny woman, a survivor, summoning the powering strength to stare down the man who had abused her for 11 years. when she finished in the bizarre turn, the kidnapper blamed his victims and insisted he was not a monster. he was somehow misunderstood. abc's alex perez takes us through the stunning showdown. >> reporter: she was his first victim, enduring 11 long years of abuse and torture. today michelle knight stood tall hugged those around her and faced down the man who held her captive. >> day turned into night, night turned into day. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. he told me that my family didn't care. >> reporter: knight was 21 years old when castro lured her in with promises of a puppy for her son. amanda berry 16 when she was abducted. today she's 27. gina dejesus wa
there are many needs the state has state has to take care of. it's on us. that is why the tension right now. >> saying there are no plan b, just plan a.>> bart board has bn criticized for staying silent on negotiations we caught wupt director told us the board hasn't been in negotiations since june. >> i believe we have not been doing enough. you know sni was elected to serve the people. you know? it doesn't mean very to take labor or management sides. so i understand the tactic. you know? but i don't necessarily agree. >> union leaders asked members to get more involved in the negotiate prog ses they made that plea in a special meeting in oakland just this morning. >> tonight one state senator considering a law to make transit strikes illegal. our team coverage continue nouz with cornell bernard live at the pleasant hill bart station. cornell? >> some frustrated bart riders saying tonight there ought to be a law keeping both sides at the negotiations table wout option of a strike. you know, other states have it and a state senator says it's about time california did, too. if there is a str
affair, center stage. ♪ you make me so very happy >>> good evening and thanks for joining us here on a sunday night. and we do begin with new details tonight after that dramatic end to a week-long manhunt through several states in the west. the search for a man who abducted a teenager after targeting her family, ending in the idaho wilderness. blackhawk helicopters carrying the s.w.a.t. team, hundreds of agents from the fbi, to the local sheriff's department, strategically gathering 2 1/2 hours from where they thought the suspect was hiding with the young girl, armed and ready to quietly move in. and tonight, 16-year-old hannah anderson is free, reunited with her father. abc's ryan owens this evening on the moment authorities knew they had to act fast. >> hannah's coming home. >> reporter: hannah anderson is safe and being reunited with her father tonight, in no small part thanks to these horseback riders. >> she did appear frightened, but i thought it was fear of the horses. >> reporter: around noon wednesday, they spotted the 16-year-old and her accused kidnapper, family friend
>>> this is "world news." tonight, direct hit. the breaking news that the u.s. took out key terror leaders. men behind that worldwide threat. >>> driving the rapids, cars swallowed by water, drivers floating to shore. a lot of the nation in a flood emergency. >>> a mother's plea against paparazzi. actress jennifer garner in tears today. >> i don't want a game of shouting, law-breaking photographers to continue traumatizing my kids. >> and real money, we find this family $6,000 for their dream home in just minutes. >>> and a good evening to you, and we begin with the breaking news. u.s. officials tell abc news that after all these weeks an terror alert, the u.s. targeted and hit four of the central players behind that threat. it's a fast-moving story, and our chief investigative correspondent brian roth has the details right now. >> reporter: there was a small but significant sigh of relief from u.s. counterterrorism officials today with a senior official telling abc news that four al-qaeda terrorists connected to the latest threat stream against the american embassy in yemen had be
. ,, . >>> tonight on "nightline," you have heard of the group-on getaway, right? we set this one up that took us to paradise, but you wouldn't believe what we found ourselves swimming in. >> he tried to sell us marijuana and coke. >> so how can you make sure your next vacation is not a hot mess. >>> and heading to the dominican republic, what is waiting for you when you step off the plane. if you're planning a vacation, you may want to listen up. >>> and for years, it was the world's worst kept secret. area 51, we reveal a newly classified document. so what did the conspiracy theorists get right about the stop secret air force base? >> keep it right here, >>> from new york city, this is "nightline." with juju chang. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, still looking for that last minute getaway summer bargain? when it comes to good deals, it is tempting to jump. but do you really get what you pay for? earlier this summer, lindsay davis looks into this as "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: oh, the beach looks great. look at the water. it certainly didn't look like what i would consi
deadly chemical weapons were used. potentially one of the worst war atroc atrocities in recent memory. our chief global correspondent martha raddatz was there. as a note to our viewers, this report includes a very disturbing and graphic image. >> reporter: the bodies sprawled across clinic floors, many of the victims children and even infants. others fighting for life, rescue crews trying to help them. victims frantically trying to get air, their bodies showing no other signs of injuries. no blood. >> the convulsions, we see a number of people, babies, pinpointing the people -- gurgling is usually consistent with a type of nerve agent. >> reporter: the rebel say that syrian troops fired rockets on these innocents, rockets carrying poisionous gas, they deny it was used, calling the claims baseless. but this weapons expert says that the video shows clear signs. >> the only explanation i can really see is this looks like this fellows nerves are being destroyed potentially by something like sarin. >> reporter: if verified, this would be one of the worst chemical attacks in decades, the sy
're able to send us pictures we'd appreciate that. >> since we're at the top of the skmour have new viewers joining us welcome to abc 7 news at 5:00 this is live continuing coverage of a fire that started more than an hour ago in solano county in fairfield. worst damage is on marigold drive we've seen five homes go up in flames, several others threatened starting with what appears to be a benign grass fire. unfortunately the winds carried some flames and firefighters had a heck of a time trying to get control of this thing because just as soon as they appear to have one area controlled the fire jumped to another either home or tree. every time you see a whoosh of smoke you're seeing either a construction so at this point i can "guess nobody knows what started this fire. >> it started as a vegetation fire. according to a police spokesperson 3030 block have been ordered to evacuate. streets have been closed there. 3,000 block of north texas has been evacuate asked shut down. and evacuees have been told to go to fairfield high school, that is the staging area for folks who have been affected b
't know when i'll be back again ♪ >> for most of us leaving on a jet plane is an exciting adventure even if it is a business trip. but for others, just the idea of a flight can cause night sweats and panic. >> yeah, so this morning, airline pilots are dispelling common myths that may put your mind at ease. here is a abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: even the most frequent of fliers get freaked out every once in a while. now pilots are revealing secrets that will make your next flight better. first off turbulence is harmless. >> a lot of people think that means there can be a crash. >> no, pilots are perplexed people get wound up about turbulence. it is virtually impossible for the movement to cause any sort of crash. >> reporter: if you are flying near storms, don't fret over an occasional jolt of lightning. >> most pilots have been struck by lightning in the aircraft over the course of their career. all airplanes are equipped to withstand it. >> reporter: another secret, if you have a baby on board it is actually safer to shell out extra money for their own seats. but if you knew that yo
us to open at noon on tuesday. check thought view of the s curve. drivers say gg buy to old welcoming new yerba buena island transition, a thin protective coating being put down entering and leaving the tunnel to create a smooth surface. >> key thing is that construction is going well, we're on schedule. work started last night at 8:00.fvp1h we don't see anything ahead of us that would cause us to think we're going to get pushed off schedule. >> caltrans officials say the conditions look favorable throughout the weekend. >> with the race on, caltrans is wasting no time with demolition of the old one. >> they won't be able to blow it up and won't be able to knock it down. drivers will watch the old one disappear in march, costing taxpayers $229 million. a true engineer sees the beauty in it. >> sometimes two plates creating an axe. sometimes there is a flat plate with an angle. it's like my grandmother's old doyley. >> brian is in charge of taking that work apart. a task tougher than it sounds. >> this is a highly strained system. it's almost like a bow and arrow, it's strong. you can'
night johnny knoxville, logan lerman and music from queens of the stone age. thank you for joining us, "nightline" is next. good night. >>> tonight on "nightline," dangerous games. hits like this, and this. and this. have helped to make the nfl a multi billion dollar entertainment brand. but tonight, a deal like this and players paying the ultimate price. the settlement may have saved the league, but at what cost to the players? >>> she was married to a man hated by countless americans who they have never met. and tonight, a conversation with george zimmerman's wife to talk justice, marriage, and mistakes. >> i have made mistakes, and i want to own them right now. >>> and we're on the front lines of the fast food fight with workers striking and big chains competing in our ever-growing super size nation. >>> keep it right here, america, super size nation. >>> keep it right here, america, "nightline" is unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep
the crisis in syria where it is 9:00 a.m. on saturday. abc news is reporting there could be u.s. military action there as soon as this weekend. the president and his staff is meeting today and deciding how to respond to the masacre that leaves 1400 people with chemical weapons and with four u.s. navy ships off the syrian coast, the white house is leaving little doubt that the united states would respond with force. >> from the white house, president obama is weighing the options in response to a chemical weapons attack he said syria's government carried outlast week. the president is speaking with his national security team while assuring americans that a strike against al-assad's government would not pull the u.s. into a long-term conflict. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act and we are not considering open-ended commitment and not considering boots on the ground approach. >> reporter: military experts say the u.s. is eyeing a measured response in the form of airstrikes in syria's capital. >> don't go after the unit that conducted these attacks. they know who th
to speak us to on camera. we spoke with a father and daughter who raced home from work early, their smokey street now a ghost town. >> it's possible to attack anyone, because the streets are empty. so, it's still not safe but it's safe inside the house. >> reporter: for u.s. officials, it's a nightmare scenario. the key u.s. ally overthrowing its elected leader, a hard-line member of the muslim brotherhood. its supporters now facing off against the hardline military. pushed out of their camps, protesters fought back with rocks, even pushing this armored vehicle off a bridge. crashing down, a symbol of the country's dissent into violence. violence that is spreading. angry mobs torching at least 18 churches in retaliation. and as night falls, an eerii silence on the street with a curfew in effect. no one knowing what horrors tomorrow will bring. muhammad lila, abc news, in cairo. >> and so now, let's go to abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. because, jon, $1 billion in military aid to egypt. this is a key nation for america, for decision-making what does the u.s. do now? >
, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> this is a live picture showing something we've become used to seeing. traffic making it's way across the old bridge while the new span sits idle. >> today officials voted to open the new eastern span no later than tuesday, september 3. that is the morning after labor day. but it's not going to be easy for commuters because in order to open the new span, they have to close the bridge for a total of five days to allow all work required to connect the new eastern span to the rest of the bridge that. is why they want badly to close the bridge or a holiday weekend. >> that means crews have better access to the bridge on labor day. meaning more likelihood we can pull it off under the schedule is also, i think, another reason to move forward. >> transportation returned to their original time frame following a report by administrators that they endorsed a temporary fix confirming the bridge will be safe to use while workers complete the permanent fix. >> it will leave thousands looking for a way across the bay. thank goodness there is no bart strike going on. >> yes. t
. >> interpol's warning come as day after the u.s. state department response to a possible terror attack in the making. tomorrow u.s. embassies and installations located in muslim countries will not be open. intercepted communications from an al qaeda cell in yemen suggests terrorists may be plotting some sort of attack. thus prompting the closures and the global travel alert. americans traveling abroad are being told to be extra vigilant at least until the end of august. >> more specific and we are taking it seriously, which i enthusiastic you expect us to -- which i think you expect us to do. >> steps are being taken domestically as well. homeland security tells abc news that they are increasing security measures to try to prevent any potential attacks here in the united states. >>> football fans are following a new set of rules this weekend. we'll have that story next. also, worth the wait. the offer that hat people in the east bay standing in line. organizers hope the deal will make streets safer. >> you'll no longer need to go to spain. what organizers say about bringing the bulls t
to his heart. abc7 news reporter joins us to discuss it. >> former president bush had the surgery this morning two re-open the artery using that is called a stent, a wire tube inserted in the blockage and inflated by a balloon to re-open the passage. the block average was discovered during a test during a routine physical yesterday. "good morning america" has their medical editor explain it. >> it allows blood to glow influence the area that was obstructed. sometimes those will close off again. during the period that tube is open, it allows blood and oxygen to get to the heart muscle. >> the president did not show symptoms and will be out of the hospital tomorrow and back do his normal schedule on thursday. ironically he was one of the most physically active presidents, avid runner and bicyclist and hosts an annual 100 kilometer bicycle ride for wounded troops. former presidents get good health care but for the average person with no history of heart disease the doctor says a stress test is rarely necessary as part of a physical. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> a.c. transit will
we are ready for a "friday of anger" to demonstrate. >> it is friday. thanks for joining us. >> sig-alert affecting the drive. >> everyone was hoping for friday lite but we are not getting that. folks are seeing a last emergency vehicles are on scene and what happened northbound along 680 is a semi truck carrying 66,000 pounds of mail that is blocking all lanes. those who are stuck cannot get off or turn around and c.h.p. is out this and they say it will take possibly until 7:30 to re-open the lanes. the sig-alert is in effect until at least that time and possibly longer causing heavy lanes. the best alternate is mission boulevard from 680 or fremont connecting you to highway 4 and getting you back to 680. the drive is ruined. zero miles per hour. fog may have been a factor. mike nicco will tell us about that. >> at the of us are dealing with fog and there could be mist in the sunol grade so it could be a little wet. we are showing the hills are cloudy and foggy. novato is one mile. three quarters in santa rosa and half moon bay. that is the thickest nog. oakland is down to seven. s
true this will be a night for vigilance. >> this shot just blew us away. that is the shark tank in san jose. take a look at the next picture from east way. check out the port of oakland. a fewer mailed thus shot from san francisco district to us at you reports. look at the cluster of bolts right there. we're expecting more tonight and would thereof see more at you report or share images with us and on twitter. >> check us out there. great pictures. strikes are what is keeping red flag warning in affect certain parts of the bay area. awc 7 news sandhya patel is here now with live doppler 7 hd. >> we have our own radar. let's check it out.?71 just watching fog here, taking a wider perspective you'll notice we're seeing strikes and looks like over 600 strikes showing up about 166 miles away from san francisco. you can see here we do have a red flag warning for the north bay mountains and valleys. until wednesday at 5:00 p.m. that could spark fires but is that doesn't mean you won't see lightning in other parts of the bay area. i'll let you know when we'll get back to normal here. >> a ju
in the negotiations.,zw the directors then disappeared behind closed doors. abc 7 news reporter nick smith joins us live now from the ashby station. nick? >> it's been tough for everyone involved. the thing i kept hearing over again was everyone wants a deal to be made with less than two days to go before strikes it seems everyone wants everyone to get to the table to hammer out a deal. the board got an ear frfl commuters and union representatives pushing for an agreement to avoid phone shall strike. union representing the majority of the workers issued a notice of intent to strike sunday at midnight accusing members of not doing nouf hear them out. they held a closed door session, the first time all met in a group since june, james fang, the board's senior members believes this played into progress on both sides of the table and told me more participation couldn't hurt. >> i think unnecessarily we've put the bay area into this particular position. i think negotiators could show a lilg bit more respect to getting a deal done. >> our position is that our riders must be safe on the bart system. our w
at another cooling trend. stay with us. we will have a look at the seven day outlook in a few minutes. katie. >> union and bart management will be back at the bargaining table today with less than 48 hours until the streak deadline. they left talks last night giving no indication a breakthrough was imminent. we have the latest on negotiations from oakland. >> mark's lead negotiator, thomas hawk, pushed through a gauntlet of reporters and talked while he walked about ongoing negotiations. >> longs you continue to meet, there's progress. >> just before 8:00 p.m. the talks ended for the night with a sunday night deadline looming. >> at this time there is no discussion about extending the contract. >> chris finn is a union negotiator and train operator. she said only about ten minutes of negotiations between the union and bart negotiators happened to, pinning the lack of negotiation on bart's lead negotiator. >> the people who are interested in keeping bart going, they would like to talk more, but when he's in the room they stated they are not free to express their opinion. >> the general manage
america tonight in response to the latest terrorist threat from al qaeda. this has u.s. embassies from baghdad to bangladesh prepared to shut down. >>> extreme weather -- the light show, the ping-pong sized hail, heavy rains and flash floods. >> i'm standing on highway 89 right now. nothing but mud. meteorologist zinger zee on the story tonight. >>> tell-all. she's perhaps the most famous person to quit the church of scientology. the news today on what leah remini plans to do next. >>> and high-class problem. as millions line up for the huge powerball jackpot the office co-workers who won big and wish they didn't. >>> good evening. david is off tonight. as we go on the air, american embassies across the muslim world are within hours of shutting down in response to that new terror threat from al qaeda. meanwhile what started as an overseas concern has now very much become a domestic one as well. tonight abc news has learned the department of homeland security is beefing up its presence at airports and train stations and intensifying scrutiny of visitors coming from overseas. the state d
you with us. and we begin with breaking news as more than 20 embassies and consulates are closing around the world right now. and here at home, increased security measures are now in place. abc news has learned this morning that the intercepted communications that led to the alert indicate terrorists are planning an attack that is going to be big and, quote, strategically significant. yesterday the white house held an hour's long meeting, high-level meeting with the country's top national security officials to discuss the response to the threat, and we've just learned what went on at that meeting, so let's go straight to jon karl, who is at the white house, and, jon, it sounds like the national security community is really spooked by this. >> reporter: no doubt about that, martha. the high-level meetings here at the white house over the weekend are a sign of just how seriously the u.s. is taking this threat. in fact, officials tell us they believe that there are al qaeda operatives already in place for this attack in yemen and possibly in other countries, as well. the cause for co
down just a short time ago to tell us they're not happy with the governor's decision and they wish he'd waited longer. >> it's really the only guarantee to make sure we have train service. >> now governor indicated he will seek a court ordered cooling off period to keep trains running focus will be on getting a deal done. >> we're talking about the economic proposals and hoping to see movement on their part. >> we wish the governor had not made an announcement and he was going to seek a cooling off period because it would have been better if both parties felt pressure necessary to arrive at a deal. >> unions indicated last two days are any sign a final agreement could be far off. >> given 30 days and this seven days with no movement, little resistance to bargaining in good faith it does not serve the purpose whaft public expects nor what members expect. >> we're at the table all day yesterday. >> the lead negotiator told us how it goes when a mediator is invfled. two sides rarely meet >> a lot of times it's down to mediators not across the table. easier to take things from one room to
ago. at the hearing larry rogast told us he doesn't want the death penalty for naiso. >> i don't want him going to death row. that is too good for him. there are too many folks in death row. he's got internet access, media access, books, libraries. i want a main line prison without, life without. >> the prosecutor tried to link each of the four victims to naiso by showing a list of the women and momentos including photographs police found at his home, and in a safety deposit box also reminding jurors of dna found on two of the murdered victims. the judge stopped the hearing, worried jurors may have seen a sign on this truck in the parking lot that said "joseph naiso murdered my sister january 11th, 1977" ending with a plea for money. the judge was afraid it may have influenced jurors who saw it which could result in a mistrial. most of the session focused on the potentially damaging affects of the sign. larry told us he was broke and wrote the sign hoping to raise money. >> my intent to get to the public to get help to stay here to finish up the trial. >> determining jurors had not se
thank you for supporting it. >> world news is next. >> thanks for joining us. >>> this is "world news." tonight on the brink. is america about to take military action against syria because of chemical weapons? tonight a new warning and u.n. inspectors under fire. >>> saving yosemite, 3,500 firefighters battling the largest wildfire in america, trying to save an american treasure. >>> watch dog, we are looking out for waste of taxpayer dollars. why are two government agencies spending millions on one fish? >>> and american hero, the staff sergeant honored for bravery overseas and the new courageous battle he is fighting for others right here at home. >>> good evening. as we come on the air this monday night the united states is about to make a very tough choice. will the u.s. military take action against syria? late today secretary of state john kerry said it is clear chemical weapons were deployed against the syrian people, but who gave that order and would this draw america into another conflict? abc's martha raddatz is in egypt tonight covering the region and the question, what
awards. ♪ >>> good morning, everyone. we begin with the mounting crisis in syria pushing the u.s. one step closer to military action. >> as the u.n. weapons inspections team today heads to the site of an apparent chemical weapons attack, last week the u.s. was considering its military options. abc's devin dwyer has the very, and he has latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, diana and john. that's right, u.s. officials are in the midst of urgent consultations over syria. there is a growing consensus something has to be done. as for when, one official told abc news, we're not talking about months. five days after these horrific scenes of dead women and children emerge from syria, u.n. inspectors plan to visit the site today to look for evidence of deadly poison and who may have used it. >> the team must be able to conduct a full, firm and unimpeded investigation. >> reporter: syria's government denies claims that it's used chemical weapons, but a senior white house official says there is very little doubt and that allowing u.n. inspectors to visit the site now may be too lat
is ticking on u.s. military action in syria. the white house says a decision is near and u.s. war ships are in position. and the rest of the world is also joining the debate about what kind of action and exactly when. the goal, to stop a man using brutal chemical weapons 5,000 miles away. abc's martha raddatz has it all from the middle east. >> reporter: he is the man at the center of this horror. a brutal dictator who the vice president said today is undeniably responsible for gassing his own innocent people. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: tonight there seems no question that the u.s. is ready to strike a punishing blow to assad. u.s. war ships are in place, cruise missiles at the ready, the targets in syria selected. >> you're ready to go like that? >> we're ready to go like that. >> reporter: what might assad do in response? the syrian regime has hundreds of tons of mustard gas and stock piles of sarin. add to that 100,000 missiles and rockets including thousands of powerful scud missiles whic
to pull out. how soon will the u.s. strike? >>> friend in the sky. the secret force helping fight the wildfires and save an american treasure. >>> and how did this happen? a brother donates his kidney to save his sister. the hospital accidentally throws his kidney away. >>> good evening. as millions of americans head into a holiday weekend right now at the white house, the president is making an historic decision. he is deciding if america will launch a strike on syria, possibly within the next 48 hours. the u.n. weapons inspectors are pulling out of syria by midday tomorrow, which clears the way and the administration argued publicly today that syria's president is a thug and a murderer and his use of chemical weapons endangers not only the syrian people, but the united states and the world. still a new poll says half of americans wonder if a military strike will work, or maybe even backfire. team coverage, tonight the crisis in syria and we begin with abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, with what the white house says are reasons something must be done. >> r
of the holiday weekend is with us, it will be this afternoon. a few high clouds and around the by low to mid-70s. about 76 in oakland with some sun along the coast. mid-and upper 60s. so really kind of a mild day along the shoreline. inland we have a few 90s returning for the livermore valley, the delta. upper 80s around the san ramon valley with plenty of sunshine. we will introduce more clouds. a slight chance of showers over the holiday weekend. katie. >> lisa, thank you. >> breaking news out of oakland where a person was killed in a shooting at a club early this morning. it happened just before 1:30 at club anton on third street in jack london square. authorities say they found a man with at least one gunshot wound dead at the scene. no arrests made and no word on motive or suspects. the shooting is under investigation. >>> happening today, demonstrators will gather in san francisco at powell and market streets to protest the government's possible plans to deal with the crisis in syria. abc news is reporting the u.s. military could take action in syria as soon as this weekend. the president
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